Selected Press for Chris Bergson

“The music sits right at the intersection of blues and soul…This is Bergson’s most well-crafted, fully realized album to date.”
– Jim Hynes. Rock and Blues Muse

“We knew that Chris Bergson is an extraordinary guitar talent, of course, but both Chris and Ellis [Hooks] have a golden throat and vocally, it could hardly be surpassed…The guitar playing makes the connoisseur occasionally open his mouth with rock, soul, blues and jazz neatly mixed into a recognizable style…He also clearly stands his ground on slide guitar.” – Ton Kok, The Blues Alone (Netherlands)

“The New York street poet with a blues soul.”
– Tony Russell, MOJO

“One of the most inventive songwriters in modern blues music.”
– Richard Skelly, All Music Guide

“Over the past decade, Chris Bergson has become one of the most interesting blues-inspired songwriters. He describes the streetscapes and nightscapes of city life, painting small, memorable pictures, a kind of Edward Hopper of the blues.”
– Tony Russell, The Blues Magazine (UK)

“Chris Bergson plays the kind of guitar you can build a house on – it’s B.B. meets Steve Cropper meets John Scofield.”
– Ross Rice, ROLL Magazine

“The Chris Bergson Band is one of the most talented bands playing today…From blazing rock to funk to soul to Delta blues and all that’s in between.”
– Jim Hynes, Elmore Magazine

“Authentic but not stifled by tradition…Bergson is the classic triple threat.”
– Brandon Findlay,

“Live albums don’t get any better than this…Bergson and Hooks have become a blues-infused modern-day Sam and Dave.”
– Jim Hynes, Glide Magazine

“Far from blues-rock clichés and guitar demonstrations in vertiginous pyrotechnics, here are 12 twelve live tracks as additional proof of the vitality and authenticity of a major artist on the New York scene. In perfect harmony with the splendid vocalist Ellis Hooks, guitarist-singer Chris Bergson is accompanied by a “French connection” of choice…Superb!”
– Marc Loison, Soul Bag (France)

“The music of Chris Bergson and Ellis Hooks is genuine Delta soul blues…The soulful voice of Hooks is reminiscent of the great soul men like Sam Cooke and Otis [Redding], and together with Chris, he turns it into a true party.”
– Jos Verhagen, Blues Magazine (Netherlands)

“Four Stars – these guys could strip down the engine of a soulbluesmobile and put it back together blindfold.”
– Tony Russell, MOJO (The Chris Bergson Band’s Fall Changes was named MOJO”s #1 Blues Album of 2008)

“If it’s possible, guitar ace Chris Bergson just keeps getting better. He had some opportunities to play with and observe Hubert Sumlin before he passed, and his emulation of the legend’s minimalist style has never been more apparent than on his latest record. The CD also showcases Bergson’s vocal power, songwriting skills and his ability to assemble a world-class band…”
– Kay Cordtz, The Blues Music Magazine

“As we’ve come to expect from Bergson, Bitter Midnight is full of tasty, intuitive guitar work and passionate vocals but besides that, the album is also a triumph for his qualities as a composer. An absolute must for fans of blues, soul and southern rock.”
– Kevin Passman, Gitarist (Netherlands)

“Upon first hearing guitar man Chris Bergson and his gravely southern drawl, which is a combination of Levon Helm and Gregg Allman, you can hardly believe this guy is from New York City. Imitate the Sun displays an artist dedicated to bringing blues and classic R&B into the future while honoring the past.”
– Rick Bowen, No Depression

“The album closes with Gowanus Heights, a flag-waver with descriptive lyrics and killer guitar solo, percolating rhythm section, and regal blasts from the horn section. Bergson and band sent the crowd home, satisfied and dancing on the streets of Manhattan.”
– Wayne Goins, Living Blues

“Chris Bergson is a modern-day blues baron.”
– Jim Allen, Rhapsody

“Gut-busting, horn bedecked NY blues.”
– Jenny Bulley, MOJO

“Seriously street-smart songwriting and Allman-esque vocal prowess…”
– Sean McDevitt,

“Recommended…Bergson’s impressive CV includes work with Norah Jones and Annie Ross.”
– Time Out London

“Bergson has the kind of voice that can be sepia-tinted, whiskey soaked or nicotine stained to fit the requisite style and mood, standing alongside Gregg Allman, Dr. John, Van Morrison and Danko / Helm.”
– Neil Blunt, Leicester Bangs (UK)

“Outstanding. Deeply soulful vocals and dynamic fretwork.”
– Mick Rainsford, Blues in Britain

“If you like the music of Coltrane, Muddy Waters and The Band, you will definitely like the Chris Bergson Band…Bergson’s guitar work is magnificent and his voice is aged and full of soul.”
– Freddy Celis, Rootstime (Belgium)